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There was such a long time that I kept my sexuality a secret. No one knew but me what I fantasized about in my head, or what secrets my search history held for that matter. It made me obsessed with thinking about what secrets others held. I would walk down a residential street and stare up at the windows wondering what acts of depravity may be going on within the walls of those rooms. I would muse over the idea of men fucking their wives missionary style with the lights off as they dreamed about being balls-deep in another man. There was the urge to wonder if there were young men furiously working their cocks as they dreamed about the naked guys they saw in the gym showers that day. 

This little hobby of mine, fantasizing over the fetishes and fantasies of strangers, has never left me. It’s only become more real through live gay cams. Where I was once left to my own imagination about what these horny men may be doing, I now am virtually transported behind their closed doors to learn about their kinks and desires. I can watch them as they stroke themselves and see for myself what makes them cum.

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