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I had such an awesome time with my new gay fuck buddy last week that I can’t wait for us to hook up again. He is such a stud and I just love how he will have sex no matter where it is. I met him totally by mistake but I am sure glad that I did. I only have to look into his eyes and I know right then that I’d be willing to do anything that he wants.

I think he was rather impressed with how eager I was to service his sweet ass. He told me he’d never felt such a rock hard cock inside him before and he wanted to feel that again. This really put a smile on my face as unbeknown to him it was a little help from bluechew that allowed me to show him what true love feels like.

I don’t mind keeping this a secret, it’s not like I am totally lying about anything. If it allows someone at my age to maintain an erection and in turn share some love around what is wrong with that? I’ll tell you what, nothing at all. My cock is once again back where it should be and if you happen to be having the same issues these sex pills can help!

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