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The single life has been good to me for the most part. I have very much enjoyed having sex with lots of different guys and not having to worry too much about commitments and strings being attached. To be honest though, now that I am getting older, relaxing at home is getting more appealing than going out and finding company. The idea of having a partner already here at the end of the day sounds really good. So does the idea of truly knowing someone and just having that constant support.

I was watching scenes on BalAmi recently and finding myself really attracted to the intimacy that is in some of them. The boys get close and in some videos, that closeness looks like more than just fucking. I don’t know if they cast actual couples or friends, but I detected tons of chemistry and familiarity between quite a few of the performers. It was really enjoyable to watch, but also had me feeling a little sorry for myself.

Thanks to, I was able to get a 50% off discount from BelAmi Online. I think I will use it to set goals for myself and consider finding a real relationship.

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