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I love gay porn as much as the next horny homosexual, but even with as much of a total whore as I am, I know not all sites are equal. Just because there’s dick and ass, and felatio involved doesn’t mean that I am not going to find better. I have needs dammit! And I deserve the best!

Well, sir, so do you. And I have been looking through tons of sites, and scouring the web looking for the very best of the best. And I have found that checking out these porn reviews had gotten me to the best sites for the best value. And let’s be honest, getting off is important, but making rent kinda is too. So I love that they have excellent deals so that we don’t have to choose between cumming and eating. Though eating cum, that might be something I could get behind.

Since right now I don’t have a hot guy on speed dial ready to come over and paint my throat, I am more than happy to check out these amazing sites in the meantime. I’m sure after you browse through, you’ll see what I mean!

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