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No I’m not trying to insult him in a juvenile way, I’m saying that he’s gay.

Colby Knox puts from the rough, bats for the other team and whatever slang term goes around these days.

What else is there to be said then other than if you fancy him you may be glad to know that you can score a up to 75% off to Colby Knox. The 30-day deal is a saving of $15 off the regular price; it gets you access to his personal site for only $14.90.

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His delight at an expanding fan base is something we’re pretty sure of. And supporting him means he’ll be able to offer you more over time.

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Thing with these studs is that I can never tell that or when they are gay. As a matter of fact I still find it hard to believe sometimes that such a seemingly manly man can be gay.

And then the chap in picture came into my peripheral view. You could transpose his head onto a German World War II tank and it would still be screaming homo.

There’s no guessing required if he’s the mommy or the daddy in the relationship or if he’s the pitcher or the catcher in the bedroom. In fact, I bet princess sparkly eyes likes to swallow.

You can check out more of him and his friends while you save up to 67% with a discount to Amazingly toned bodies and good looks. The ladies must be devastated at the waste.

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Get 51% off with this Cocky Boys discount. This guy already did and he did it for you! Just look at that beautiful smile. He looks like marriage material never mind the rest.

I can’t help myself but wonder at all of the silly word plays in the site title. It doesn’t always have to be a meandering plot to catch you by surprise to make a joke good. I like that these boys like showing off and are blessed with gorgeous cocks. It’s not very deep, yet, but it’s catchy and it’s flirtatious.

I love non-slutty, manly-man tattoos on an athletic guy. You, perhaps that’s exactly it. A fit guy makes almost any tattoo look good whereas they just look rank average at best on anyone else.

With a few exceptions of course. I saw a slut with bicycle handle bars tattooed on her lower back…

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Gay men with well toned bodies who have spent countless hours to perfect their physiques strut their stuff. Not only do the have large biceps, but they also have huge dicks.

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As the site belongs to the All Gay Sites Pass you will also be afforded complete access to the balance of the network. Loads of additional content for your to browse and enjoy, all for the price of one!

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