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Being broke sucks. It sucks even more when you think you can’t afford porn. You are already stuck at home, unable to go out and have fun because you lack the cash, but then to have to deal with substandard smut complete with pop ups and other garbage, is just a total drag.

The good news is that even if you’re broke, you probably aren’t so broke that you can’t afford one of these cheap porn deals. has the lowest prices on porn memberships and all you have to do is click on their link to get them. There are no coupon codes or other hoops to jump through. Simply look through these deals for 74% off gay pornstar sites, find the one that works for you, then click through to sign up. You’ll be rubbing one out to quality content in no time!

Sites like Next Door World, Rod Daily, Cody Cummings, and Trystan Bull all have monthly deals as low as $9.95. That’s 30 straight days of gay XXX entertainment! Or to save even more money, some sites go even lower on the cost of admission if you sign up for a longer plan with them. It’s money well spent.

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If you love action-packed, hardcore fucking then look no further. This hot and heavy guy-on-guy porn hits all the right spots. You can’t help but want more. This is intense, sexy men delivering on everything you want and need to see.  These rock-hard cocks excite you on every level. European twinks who love to fuck hard will take your breath away in these amazing porn videos. These guys leave you satisfied but longing for more.  This is what you can only imagine in your wettest dreams. From fucking and sucking to cumshots and tight asses.

Bel Ami Online has some of the hottest guys in the scene. Exclusive 18 to 25 year-old models like Hoyt Kogan really bring it in amazing gay XXX videos. That perfect body and bedroom eyes reel you in. And you can’t find a better bang for your buck. has over 2,350 movies and over 800 galleries with excellent quality streams and downloads, a members-only forum and frequent updates.

Don’t wait; check it out and  save 51% now with this BelAmi Online discount. A site you can trust for long term membership.


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In the world of gay porn, there are lots of competitors. There are plenty of sites where you can get OK looking guys, having mediocre sex, with semi good quality videos. Yeah there’s lots of that, but there’s only one Sean Cody.

Take advantage of this nice Sean Cody discount for 67% off and see why this is THE name in the gay porn scene and prepare for the time of your life.

When you become a member of, you’re doing so much more than signing up for some porn website. While you will get plenty of hot men in passionate scenes, you’ll get so much more than just that.

There are actually over 2,416 scenes and counting, and they all feature the hottest guys in the biz. Every man here looks like they walked straight off the pages of a magazine and then proceeded to pull their cocks out and proclaim their love for hot gay sex!

The quality and clarity of these films are simply breathtaking, which may be just a partial reason you’ll find yourself panting when you’re done!



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No I’m not trying to insult him in a juvenile way, I’m saying that he’s gay.

Colby Knox puts from the rough, bats for the other team and whatever slang term goes around these days.

What else is there to be said then other than if you fancy him you may be glad to know that you can score a up to 75% off to Colby Knox. The 30-day deal is a saving of $15 off the regular price; it gets you access to his personal site for only $14.90.

If you like him even more than that (perhaps you have a crush on him) or really admire his work, then you might want to consider taking on a yearly membership for a $7.49 per month equivalent. That’s an even bigger discount.

His delight at an expanding fan base is something we’re pretty sure of. And supporting him means he’ll be able to offer you more over time.

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Thing with these studs is that I can never tell that or when they are gay. As a matter of fact I still find it hard to believe sometimes that such a seemingly manly man can be gay.

And then the chap in picture came into my peripheral view. You could transpose his head onto a German World War II tank and it would still be screaming homo.

There’s no guessing required if he’s the mommy or the daddy in the relationship or if he’s the pitcher or the catcher in the bedroom. In fact, I bet princess sparkly eyes likes to swallow.

You can check out more of him and his friends while you save up to 67% with a discount to Amazingly toned bodies and good looks. The ladies must be devastated at the waste.

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Take 50% off now with this Cocky Boys deal. This guy already did and he did it for you! Just look at that beautiful smile. He looks like marriage material never mind the rest.

I can’t help myself but wonder at all of the silly word plays in the site title. It doesn’t always have to be a meandering plot to catch you by surprise to make a joke good. I like that these boys like showing off and are blessed with gorgeous cocks. It’s not very deep, yet, but it’s catchy and it’s flirtatious.

I love non-slutty, manly-man tattoos on an athletic guy. You, perhaps that’s exactly it. A fit guy makes almost any tattoo look good whereas they just look rank average at best on anyone else.

With a few exceptions of course. I saw a slut with bicycle handle bars tattooed on her lower back…

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I love Helix Studios so forgive me for pushing it in your face for a sec. It’s high-quality and you can tell at first glance. The guys here are young, smooth sexy boy toys that you’ll want to play with again and again. There’s already a good following to this site, for good reason, and 2,970+ videos are already available with fresh new content coming in all the time. Saving 34% off full price isn’t bad either, when you grab the discount to this site here:

There’s still so many more deals as well. Several are going for 50% off full price, or even more than that, and some come along as part of a network package, meaning that you get even more hot content without having to pay anything extra for it. You want to see some straight guys going gay-for-pay? Every guy has a price, you know that right? If you’re interested in something like that, you’ll want to check out Broke Straight Boys.

Any of the sites from is a winner in my book as well. Drill My Hole has hunky guys that’ll rock your world and Big Dicks At School is another fucking hot site from you might enjoy if you’re into the teacher/student niche; I definitely do. There’s even some kinky BDSM stuff if you’re into that as well. Have a look and grab the hottest deal for you today!

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I love gay porn as much as the next horny homosexual, but even with as much of a total whore as I am, I know not all sites are equal. Just because there’s dick and ass, and felatio involved doesn’t mean that I am not going to find better. I have needs dammit! And I deserve the best!

Well, sir, so do you. And I have been looking through tons of sites, and scouring the web looking for the very best of the best. And I have found that checking out these porn reviews had gotten me to the best sites for the best value. And let’s be honest, getting off is important, but making rent kinda is too. So I love that they have excellent deals so that we don’t have to choose between cumming and eating. Though eating cum, that might be something I could get behind.

Since right now I don’t have a hot guy on speed dial ready to come over and paint my throat, I am more than happy to check out these amazing sites in the meantime. I’m sure after you browse through, you’ll see what I mean!

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Isn’t it such a rush seeing fresh younger men going for it in hardcore gay sex? It’s what keeps my cock coming back for more so its lucky for me that Freshmen has so many willing studs. The guys are mostly Czech and from Hungary and are just the types that have a boner for men just like you. Taking it to these guys is rewarded in the best way possible. They know how to take it up the ass and dish out many cumshots in return.

While freshmen does things well I feel like they need loads more videos to really get me going and keep me on that high. Right now they only have 26 of them but trust me when I say what they do have is quality. Most of the guys here are totally new to the gay porn scene so if you like seeing fresh looking men you can’t go past this site for providing just that.

Use this anal drilling discount to Freshmen now and let your cock run wild with these rock hard studs. Take it to them in style, show them just how much your dick would love to fuck them in the ass. All that action and more is ready for you guys to access right now. Just make sure that your cock is up for the challenge as I know these younger studs are totally down for it!

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My favorite thing in the entire world is big…thick…wallet. And since I came across the biggest GayRoom discount, mine is a whole lot thicker! I have saved a ton of money here compared to what I used to throw down on my gay porn needs, and I have never been happier!

The content on this site may be affordable, but it is certainly not cheap! The guys here are all absolutely drive you out of your mind gorgeous. They all seriously look like fucking sex gods. And I’m not just talking about their boyish good looks. These clean cut fellas have incredible lean muscular bodies that I drool over. They also happen to have some of the biggest hardest cocks I’ve ever come across!

Now, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for hot gay porn deals, and there are definitely a lot of good ones out there. But gayroom is my current obsession. I remember when I was a kid always being pissed when my parents would send me to my room. But with this site, I’m sending myself there again and again!

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